This, is a cult---the Cult of Hope.

Hope Diamond is a Hungarian-American Tarot reader in New York City. Hope's interest in the occult formed in childhood, gaining resilience throughout her early adult years. In 2013, Hope purchased her first Tarot deck and started reading for friends and personal acquaintances. After several years of empirical study and personal development, Hope began to read the Tarot professionally in 2016. Hope's gift of intuition connects the interpretations of the Tarot in a distinctive style that helps to impart both spiritual clarity and pragmatic advice into the lives of those who seek it. 
In September of 2016, Hope founded The Witching Hour, a monthly gathering for the mystically inclined. Centered around Hope's Tarot readings, The Witching Hour is a multi-media immersive occult experience. Each month revolves around an astrological sign of the zodiac with a participatory thematic ritual in honor of the month's sign. Attendees can indulge in a Tarot reading, browse a selection of monthly crystal specials, sip on enchanted potions, and listen to an eclectic mix of doom metal, witch house, psych rock, and dark wave music.
The Witching Hour is currently hosted at Three of Cups Lounge at 81 1st Avenue, on the third Thursday of every month from 10:00 pm - 4:00 am. 
When she's not reading Tarot or vending at local New York City markets, Hope lives within a realm of music. She delights in singing, writing songs, and playing the guitar. You will frequently find her headbanging at live rock and metal shows and dancing at goth/darkwave parties.