This, is a cult---the Cult of Hope.

Hi, I'm Hope Diamond. I don't know who I am or what my life purpose is yet. Many of us place expectations on ourselves that we have to know exactly who we are through what we're doing. If you put all your identity into your craft, you're giving your craft more power of you. You can't identify with what you're doing, you have to identify with who you are. When you don't know who you are, you're not going to have a clear idea of what your gifts are or what you should be doing with them. There is true beauty in being OK with not knowing who you are and giving yourself the gift of time to discover that.
A skill that I am currently best known for is reading the Tarot. In 2013, I purchased my first Tarot deck and started casually reading for friends and personal acquaintances. After several years of empirical study, I began to read the Tarot professionally in 2016. I have been blessed with strong intuition and seek to combine that with a technical understanding of the Tarot cards. It is my hope that this style imparts both spiritual clarity and pragmatic advice into the lives of those who seek it. Tarot is a craft of limitless wisdom. I desire to perpetually  increase my skill in Tarot by reading books specific to the Tarot and through outside study and life experience. 
This is a time of much personal growth and development. My mind is constantly comparing and contrasting ancient mythologies of the past with cosmological developments of the future. My Sun sign is transitioning from Capricorn to Aquarius this year and I can feel my life purpose waxing with this change.
It seemed appropriate to thus "enroll" myself in a self-imposed course of independent study and skill expansion. This includes improving my musical abilities, traveling internationally to historic mythological sites, establishing my YouTube channel, and devouring a multitude of books concerning topics on cosmology, the Tarot, historic mythology, pagan practices, fantasy fiction, the music industry, and practical entrepreneurial economics. 
Like energy will attract like energy. There is much light and blessing discovered as we exchange stories of our own special missions here on this Earth. I look forward to putting the pieces of my own puzzle together and hope to provide you with some form of inspiration or entertainment as I continue on my quest.