“I walk a blurry line between believing in the magic vs just enjoying some good introspection. Hope was great at explaining the cards and bringing things to light without making me feel like I was getting suckered by a Mentalist trying to cold read me. This may sound negative to some but it is exactly what I look for in a tarot reading. Great job. I’ve had two readings and will go again.” – Skully T.

“Hope has the magic touch that tempers the skepticism of even non-believers.  One thing the other reviewers I see don’t mention is that she’s not a mere tarot reader.  She runs full events, with themed decorations, smoke, an array of mystics, and other surprises.  I’ve been to more than one and it’s different every time.  I’d recommend not only for those into the mystical arts but for anyone looking for a fun, off-beat themed event, a start-up, for example, or even a tween-er (or older) birthday party.” – Adam D.

“Hope never ceases to amaze me when it comes to her ever growing skill set. My reading was very accurate and very, well dare I say, hopeful. It is a lovely way to divine the future, and she has a keen skill. Looking forward to more in the future. She’s on fire.” – Joy Y.

“If you are seeking a tarot reader who is insightful, open-minded and compassionate, please consider Hope! My experience with her was very positive. She took her time and carefully asked questions in order to properly interpret the cards. I did not feel rushed, but rather welcomed to provide any feedback on her advice. She is also knowledgeable about crystals and usually has a variety available at her events.” – Jennifer C.

“A tarot card reading can give you an idea of where you are now, where you’ve come from, where you want to be, and how to get there…
Hope is skilled at delivering that information in a positive way. My reading was exactly what I needed to hear at the moment for what I was going through. I was creatively inspired and saw more clearly what life changes needed to be made and why.” – Alicia M.

“There are many tarot card readers, but Hope’s knowledge of the cards and her insightful interpretation made this reading especially meaningful. I had a short reading, yet she was able to reveal aspects of my life that few people could see within me. Her honest reading was much more perceptive than I had ever expected.” – Rosie A.