XXI: These Things I Do

“I didn’t ask what you’d said about it,” the frog snapped. “I asked what you’re going to do. Nine times out of ten, talking is a way of avoiding doing things.”

-Patricia C. Wrede, The Enchanted Forest Chronicles: Dealing with Dragons

One of my favorite things to “do” is taking a trip through a book of fantasy. This week, I felt inspired to revisit Patricia C. Wrede’s Enchanted Forest Chronicles for a dose of dragon-wizard-questing goodness. The above froggy quote triggered a lightening bolt moment of truth. What am I talking about doing? Why am I talking about doing something but not actually doing anything about it? What am I doing?

Laughing to myself, I realized there were some things I habitually talked about doing but never did. Because, uh, I didn’t actually want to do them. And it turns out, I’m already doing some things. I want to do these things, so I do them. And because I do these things, I talk about them. My purpose here in this world is to create and express beauty and I like finding different ways to do this.

Playing dress up is something I love to do. So many different things can be said through clothes. So many different stories told. So many different moods expressed. It’s pretty cool to start off standing in front of your closet with a brain fart and somehow end up leaving the house in a strangely satisfying outfit…that seems to have come out of nowhere. Showcasing these wearable creations to the world through photographs and “real life” adventure is the cherry on top of the style goddess sundae.

Handcrafting beautiful items gives another perspective to creating beauty. As of late, I’ve been selling on Etsy, making jewelry, and doing collage art. Selling on Etsy requires a variety of activity—a continuous act of stimulation with checkpoints of immediate gratification. Both of these aspects are very fulfilling to me in any environment. Making jewelry combines visual stimulation with spiritual intuition and purpose. It’s thrilling to sort through a horde of glittering jewels and figure out how the different the energies and aesthetics potentially click together. (Plus, I then get to incorporate this jewelry into playing dress up.) Collage art melds personal introspection with universal meaning. Themes of nature, romanticism, art history, astrology, Tarot, fantasy, and futuristic dystopia cross pollinate in display of surreal beauty and visual symbolism. The physical act may be simple, but the creative high of “collage flow” is without compare.

Like sunlight through stained glass, outsides sources of inspiration glow behind these creative arts. Books, movies, ritual experience, and dreamy dance floors are at the top of my list, but fragments of wonder can be found in almost any situation if the mind is open. Being inspired to do the things you love helps you to see the world as an enchanted forest. Direct sources of inspiration are like open fields of flowers within that forest, but it’s the unexpected blooms along the forest path that pull most tightly on the heartstrings.

One of the most treasured of these blossoms is the exchange of energy with others. Connecting with people who walk a similar wavelength gives dynamic boost to the flavor of your own journey. If you and another have mutually pure intentions, then the differences between you become interesting and special. There is joy in seeing someone else thrive in a style unique from your own. Perhaps you might even learn something fresh from them to integrate into your life.

Speaking of integration, this outfit was inspired by a show I saw last weekend. HNRY FLWR, Uni, and Blame Candy played at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. I wore my usual psychedelic-bohemian-meets-gypsy-queen getup…but didn’t expect the rest of the crowd to follow suit (no pun intended.) The clothes. Were. Amazing. So much velvet, colored fur, bell bottoms, platform shoes, jewel tone colors, and glitter. I was simultaneously in fashion and music heaven. Keeping the spirit of the show alive, I decided to play a color/texture contrast in this look: vintage gold sequins and jewelry opposite shaggy periwinkle-toned fur and a purple scarf. The black basics provide a simple canvas, with the flares of the pants echoing the bell-shaped sleeves of the top. And of course, Jeffrey Campbell Litas. (I own this style of shoe in seven different colors…and counting.)

Part of me might prefer to find a more eloquent way to conclude this post, but I have jewelry-making plans tonight with a goddess-friend. Until we meet again…



Hope Diamond


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