XXII: Being a Bohemian

Inspiration from within my Self has struck, and so has the concept of bohemianism. (A re-reading of Lauren Stover’s Bohemian Manifesto might be in order…) According to Google, a bohemian is: “A person who has informal and unconventional social habits, especially an artist or writer.” Bohemianism may have some overall common characteristics, but it’s these loose similarities that bring a group of individuals together to share and celebrate their differences.

So what does being a bohemian mean to me?

A beam of fresh morning sunshine sears through a multi-faceted gemstone, scattering thousands of rainbows across my face and body, into my mind, into my soul, and into the heart’s center of my existence. I am these rainbows. And to be a rainbow is to be a bohemian. Being a bohemian is being uninhibitedly adventurous with a sense of curiosity and a thirst for cultural exploration. Being a bohemian is loving my own customized tastes in fabulously-dreamy clothing, stunningly-symbolic visual art, mystically-dramatic music, whimsically-surreal film, and fantastically-grounded literature. Being a bohemian is having unusual quirks and libertine ideas and accepting and loving these. Being a bohemian is pursuing my own passion(s, s, s, s,…) with freedom and zealously-infused determination. Being a bohemian is opening my mind to new ideas and opening my heart to new connections, while being steadfast to that which I know is truth and being loyal to those whom I know are love.

This personal interpretation of bohemianism has helped to shape my lifestyle, helping to make my time here more beautiful and exciting. Arranged into elemental categories, here are some great little tidbits of practical bohemian magick that I’ve picked up over the years:

Earth: Physical Body and Style…

– Prioritize drinking water. I fill up a gallon jug each day and try to drink half of it in the morning and the other half when I get home. If the frigid weather affects your tolerance to cold water, drink warm water instead. This is actually better for your body and digestion.

– Turn “regular days” into life with dress-up ritual. Swap neutral eye shadow for colored eye shadow. Select meaningful jewelry that expresses your personality or astrological Sun sign. Add a hint of sparkle, color, or texture with a scarf. Make an effort to look and feel fabulous!

– Experiment wearing different essential oils. You can also concoct a personal essential oil blend. Mine has inclusions of Egyptian musk, Arabian sandalwood, Moroccan musk, clove, rose, and cinnamon. Plus, a few drops of Lucre Oil from Asc Alchemical and Star of Venus Ritual Fragrance Oil from The Mermaid and the Crow.

Air: Connection to Knowing and Spirit…

– Make time to stretch and breath in the morning and evening…for a few minutes, or a few hours. Be aware of your body and breath throughout the day. If something feels stiff, gently stretch it. If you feel stressed, gently breath in and out.

– Spend time with your gemstones and crystals. These are your Crystal Friends! Appreciate their physical personalities and unique healing energies. Hold them in your hands, place them on your body, stare into them by the light of a candle. Tuck a crystal into your back pocket or slip a little drawstring bag of Crystal Friends into your backpack or purse.

– Walk. Going on walks has always helped to clean my mind and refresh my spirit. Spend fifteen minutes walking around the block on your lunch break, get off the train one stop early, or cruise through the park (instead of spending an hour glued to your phone in Starbucks.)

Fire: Creative Inspiration and Invigoration

– Burn a stick of incense in your home during the day. You’ll arrive to an abode filled with this lingering fragrance. Light scented candles during the evening or while you’re getting ready for bed. These sensuous alterations can help to give your home new appreciation and perspective.

– Spend some time exploring your town or city. Browse the local farmers’ market, antique co-op, or thrift store. Sit in a non-chain coffee shop with a notebook and pen, jotting down observations of passerby. You can also do this with a favorite book, making note on sentences, phrases, and words that strike your fancy.

– Plan a movie date with your Self. Take a trip to the nearest indie movie theatre or watch something on Netflix that does not fit into your first go-to genre of film indulgence. I usually watch fantasy flicks, but lately I’ve felt more inspired switching things up with a whimsical comedy or classic.

Water: Human Love Exchange…

– Text an old friend or long-distance relative and plan a phone date. If you have a great time catching up together, make this a habit.

– Have you ever read a book, discovered a song, watched a movie, or seen something beautiful that reminds you of a friend? The next time this happens, tell them! Recommend that book, share that song, suggest that movie, or snap and send a photo. It’s fun to appreciate other people and let them know that they are important to you.

– Send a spontaneous care package with a hand-written note. I like to include the person’s favorite snacks, sticks of incense or mini candles, healing crystals that correlate with their personality or goals, and small trinkets of thrifted vintage whimsy. You can also do this for someone you see on a regular basis and give them a care package in person.

Such nuggets of bohemianism are just the tip of the unicorn’s horn growing on my head. So many concepts and ideas started popping into my brain upon writing this post. The more you think about something, the more it expands and influences your beliefs and choices. Bohemianism is quite the positive influence—I look forward to cultivating more of this and subsequently trumpeting it to the world.

This photo shoot is a collaboration with Tifani Truelove. We took these photos last year, hence my differently-colored longer hair. I posted the first set of photos in color in color a while back, wanting to give some visual space in between. I love the texture contrast of the Southwestern tapestry coat with the sequined disco butterfly top and fluffy fur hat and collar. Harmony within contrast is a big part of my personal style. An outfit that incorporates this in color, silhouette, and texture is an outfit well worth rockin’.


Hope Diamond

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